2004/2008  Graduation in Contemporary Dance Teacher-

"Body-Voice Movement as an Ethical practice for life" (monograph) - Angel Vianna Faculty, Brazil/ RJ .

Angel Vianna Faculty member of WHED International Association of Universities




2009  Post- Graduation in Body Preparation for Scenic Arts - Angel Vianna Faculty, BR/ RJ


2010  Post- Graduation in Therapy through the Movement  Faculty Angel Vianna- BR/ RJ


2010/2019-  "Discipline of the Authentic Movement" practitioner   in formative facilitator process.


2011/2017 Theta Healing® Institute of Knowladge (THINK) - Brazil and Índia.

2004 Reiki I, II, II - Brazil/ RJ.

2001/2002 Theater graduation studies in Uni-Rio Federal University

1996 - Popular and Classical Singing classes 

Camila perform practical research in different stiles of singing:  Brazilian Popular Music, Lyric, Belting, Drupadh (Indian classic singing), Shamanic Brazilian Prayers called and prayers around the world.

My own research is about body and voice in dialog with the individual development process in a state of training awerness presence. The meetings with intercultural arts, places, people and the integration between people with the forces of the immanent field is a constant studying for me.