Principals work:


Theater, Music and Dance Concerts

2017  Body Preparator, Co-Movement Director (Denise Stutz) and Assistant Director(Dani Barros) - "DANCER IN THE DARK" - Musical authorized version of Lars Von Trier Film- Fortes Production-Brazil/ RJ


2014 - 2016  Movement Performer at the art exhibitions of the Swedish artist Annemarie Gudotter.


2014 - 2017  Artist Director, Singer and Producer in collaboration with the Swedish/American singer, guitarist, composer and music producer John Harding.

  • 2014 - 2016- John Harding Concerts and Álbum - Sweden/ Brazil.

  • 2016- Brazilian Music Alive Concerts in Sweden

  • 2016/2017 - Music Festival Awards - "Prêmio de Música Terra UNA" - Brazil MG    https://vimeo.com/198670234

2013 / 2017  Dance Teacher and Theater Director  for Children-  Member- Resident of Terra UNA ONG Eco village Project in Brazil- "MENINA DA LANTERNA" - singing play for children - Role: Menina da Lanterna or Narrator - Terra UNA Brazil/MG

2013 Body-Voice Conscience Teacher for Educators and Children  and Singing Interpreter of Brazilian music renowned composers: Toquinho, Vinicius de Morais and Chico Buarque. "MENININHA" -Opereta for children - Role: Menininha  SESC - Brazilian Tour. 

2010/2015 Singing Interpreter of original songs by Camille Rocailleux - "FEDEGUNDA" - Small Opera for children. Role: Fedegunda. 

2007-2012 Brazilian theaters and Festivals as FIL in Rio de Janeiro and Cena Contemporânea in Brasília

2007-2009 Artistic Residencies in Brazil and France

2012 - France Tour and International Festivals as ) Momix and N’as pas Conté (France) 

 2014- Opera Singer, Actress and Dancer at musical “Vicente Celestino- A voz orgulho do Brasil” - Brazil/RJ

2006-2007 Singer and Dancer at Chico Buarque authorized musical "Versos de Holanda"- Brazil/ RJ.

2005- Actress- performer "Sub: Werther"- play based on Goethe "Sorrows of Young Werther" by Aquela Cia de Teatro - RJ.

 2003  Actress, Singer and Dancer at samba musical “Geraldo Pereira” Musical direction Josimar Carneiro - Brazil/RJ

2002 Actress, Singer and Dancer "GODSPELL" Musical By John-Michael. Brazil/Rj 

1998- 2006- Actress, Singer and Dancer "Francisco de Assis" Musical about San Francisco life- Role:  Saint Clara. The play was connected with the social project "Toca de Assis", which take care of homeless people.


2001 (Feb. /Nov.) Actress, Singer and Dancer "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" - Broadway Musical - Role: Bella and Choir - T4F - Brazil/ São Paulo

1996 Actress in the play "Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Calls Me Baudelaire" directed by Ivan de Albuquerque. Posthumous tribute to Rubens Correia.


2012/2021  Director and writer of the documentary about the film director Luiz Paulino Kaimbé dos Santos.


2017 Composer and singer of "Canto de Uyara" - Music for the film "GABRIEL E A MONTANHA" by Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa - Awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.


2007 Actress in the novel "TROPICAL PARADISE" - direction Dennis Carvalho Character: Vanessa.- Rede Globo de TV.


2005 Special series "Brava Gente - Francisco de Assis" directed by Roberto Farias - Character: Santa Clara. Rede Globo TV.


2003 Series "Woman - episode Mother Girl" direction Carlos Pieri - Character: Mother Girl.Rede Globo TV.


1995 Actress in the TV series "Confessions of Adolescents" directed by Daniel Filho. Role: Carol. TV Globo and Multishow.

Double sound

2010 Singing of "CASTLE OF DIAMONDS" movie - Role: Mellody - Disney. 


  • Actress, Singer and Dancer

  • Body Preparator and Composer for Scenic Arts.

  • Artistic  Movement Director

  • Dance pedagogue


  • Portuguese - mother tongue

  • English - fluent

  • Swedish - fluent

  • French- basic communication

  • Spanish -communicate easily


Best Actress of the children's play "Maria Brasileira" Brazil/ RJ - 2005.

 UBE (Brazilian Union of Writers)