Cinema and TV

2012/2019  Director and writer of the documentary about the film director Luiz Paulino Kaimbé dos Santos.


2017 Composer and singer of "Canto de Uyara" - Music for the film "GABRIEL E A MONTANHA" by Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa - Awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.

2010 Singing doublesound of "CASTLE OF DIAMONDS" - Role: Mellody - Disney. 

2007 Actress in the novel "TROPICAL PARADISE" - direction Dennis Carvalho Character: Vanessa.- Rede Globo de TV.


2005 Special series "Brava Gente - Francisco de Assis" directed by Roberto Farias - Character: Santa Clara. Rede Globo TV.


2003 Series "Woman - episode Mother Girl" direction Carlos Pieri - Character: Mother Girl.Rede Globo TV.


1995 Actress in the TV series "Confessions of Adolescents" directed by Daniel Filho. Role: Carol. TV Globo and Multishow.


Concert and Theater

2017  Body Preparator, Co-Movement Director (Denise Stutz) and Assistant Director(Dani Barros) - "DANCER IN THE DARK" - Musical authorized version of Lars Von Trier Film- Fortes Production-Brazil/ RJ


2014 - 2016  Movement Performer at the art exhibitions of the Swedish artist Annemarie Gudotter.


2014 - 2017  Artist Director, Singer and Producer in collaboration with the Swedish/American singer, guitarist, composer and music producer John Harding.

  • 2014 - 2016- John Harding Concerts and Álbum - Sweden/ Brazil.

  • 2016- Brazilian Music Alive Concerts in Sweden

  • 2016/2017 - Music Festival Awards - "Prêmio de Música Terra UNA" - Brazil MG    https://vimeo.com/198670234

2013 / 2017  Dance Teacher and Theater Director  for Children-  Member- Resident of Terra UNA ONG Eco village Project in Brazil- "MENINA DA LANTERNA" - singing play for children - Role: Menina da Lanterna or Narrator - Terra UNA Brazil/MG

2013 Body-Voice Conscience Teacher for Educators and Children  and Singing Interpreter of Brazilian music renowned composers: Toquinho, Vinicius de Morais and Chico Buarque. "MENININHA" -Opereta for children - Role: Menininha  SESC - Brazilian Tour. 

2010/2015 Singing Interpreter of original songs by Camille Rocailleux - "FEDEGUNDA" - Small Opera for children. Role: Fedegunda. 

2007-2012 Brazilian theaters and Festivals as FIL in Rio de Janeiro and Cena Contemporânea in Brasília

2007-2009 Artistic Residencies in Brazil and France

2012 - France Tour and International Festivals as ) Momix and N’as pas Conté (France) 

 2014- Opera Singer, Actress and Dancer at musical “Vicente Celestino- A voz orgulho do Brasil” - Brazil/RJ

2006-2007 Singer and Dancer at Chico Buarque authorized musical "Versos de Holanda"- Brazil/ RJ.

2005- Actress- performer "Sub: Werther"- play based on Goethe "Sorrows of Young Werther" by Aquela Cia de Teatro - RJ.

 2003  Actress, Singer and Dancer at samba musical “Geraldo Pereira” Musical direction Josimar Carneiro - Brazil/RJ

2002 Actress, Singer and Dancer "GODSPELL" Musical By John-Michael. Brazil/Rj 

1998- 2006- Actress, Singer and Dancer "Francisco de Assis" Musical about San Francisco life- Role:  Saint Clara. The play was connected with the social project "Toca de Assis", which take care of homeless people.


2001 (Feb. /Nov.) Actress, Singer and Dancer "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" - Broadway Musical - Role: Bella and Choir - T4F - Brazil/ São Paulo

1996 Actress in the play "Nobody Loves Me, Nobody Calls Me Baudelaire" directed by Ivan de Albuquerque. Posthumous tribute to Rubens Correia.

Camila own research is about body, voice, word and video in dialog with the individual process in state of presence in the meetings with arts, places, people and different cultures and the integration between people with the forces of the immanent field.


  • Singer, Actress and Dancer.

  • Body Preparator and Composer for Scenic Arts.

  • Artistic  Movement Director

  • Body-Mind Therapist

  • Dance Pedagogy

  • Singer  and Dance Teacher of Brazilian Rhythms (MPB, Samba and Forró)  


  • Portuguese and English - fluent

  • Swedish - Level D

  • French- medium level

  • Spanish -communicate easily


Best Actress of the children's play "Maria Brasileira" Brazil/ RJ - 2005.

 UBE (Brazilian Union of Writers)

@2019 copyright by Camila Caputti  

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