I'm Camila, a transdisciplinar artist and educator who has dedicated life to human development through theater, music and dance.

I'm a singer, dancer and actress. I'm graduated as a Dance teacher and pós graduated as Body Preparatory for Scenic Arts from Angel Viana University. 


I have been acting as an artist for more than 25 years in music concerts, theatre, cinema, tv and artistic residences in France, Spain, London, Brazil and Sweden. In Sweden - where I also live - I’ve also been working with children's art development.  


I'm native of Brazil, where I have been living in the "Serra da Mantiqueira" mountains (MG), to where I moved in 2015 with the intention to be part of an ecovillage project. I collaborated for 3 years with one Waldorf preschool and I've been collaborating with the "Gayatri" music studio and "Sound Organism" music and resilience projects developed by John Harding. 


I've been going to Sweden since 2015 where I've been collaborating with swedish artists through performance, producing and artistic direction.


My aim is to serve and develop projects that resonate with my values of self development, art, education, and ecology.