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Camila Caputti Vieira was born in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro in 1981.

Camila is an transdisciplinary artist, therapist and educator who has been dedicating more than 25 years for Human Development trough acting, music, dance and body-mind consciousness.

She has been participating in concerts, theatre, cinema, tv and artistic residences in France, Spain, London, Brazil and Sweden since 1992.


Camila Caputti began her studies in dance at five years old, in acting at nine years old and in singing  with fifteen years old. 

Camila graduated as a Dance Teacher in 2009 and has been studying some therapy approaches since 2010.

In 2012 she started to work as a Theta Healing Therapist as well. 


After 21 years career as an artist she has moved, in 2014, to the country side in the Mantiqueira mountains (MG/ BR), where she lived for four years before move to Sweden and still stay when goes to Brazil. 

Camila has been going to Sweden since 2015 and has been collaborating with swedish artists through performance, producing,and artistic direction.


Since December 2017 she moved to Stockholm where  also works as a preschool teacher/ personal assistant and concealing adults with the Theta Tone Therapy and Theta Healing. 

Camila works for human been development and the planetary conscience awareness.

@2019 copyright by Camila Caputti  

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